How To Get A Security Guard License

Are you wondering how to get a security guard license?

When starting a security company, usually your first task will be to get a license (if required). Security guard license requirements vary state by state, so this question has different answers depending on your geographical location. Some states require you to take a test or put an application on file, while other states don’t have any licensing requirements.

For license requirement by state, visit our Licensing Resource Page.

When it comes to finding out how to get a security guard license, you will find it best to get going as soon as you can. Often times there is a lag time in the processing of paperwork, so it’s best to get this going while you start building you’re infrastructure.

Once you find out how to get a security guard license in your state, you can begin thinking about the next couple steps which will most likely include:

  • Choosing a name (if you haven’t already)
  • Registering your business
  • Insurance & bonding

When choosing a name it’s important to think on a macro level. For example, if you plan on expanding your business outside of the town or city you live in, name recognition is something that you need weigh heavily on. For instance, “Larry’s Security” or “East Lansing Security” are both names that clearly sound like small time companies. On the other hand, a name like “Security Group International” sounds like a company that has been around for a while and has done a lot of business (and not just business in their hometown), whether this is true or not. You have to start thinking about how you will be branding your company and the perceived image you are portraying.

So now you’ve found out how to get a security guard license and you have hopefully chosen a name. Next you will want to register your security business. You can do this in a variety of ways and you can find out different companies that will do it all for you online. In our “How To Start A Security Company” Ebook, we show you the company that we use. They will do everything from filing, checking on availability of names, DBA’s, EIN numbers and even register your business with your state.

Lastly, we will touch base on insurance and bonding. This is something that is required in order to operate a Watch, Guard, Patrol or Investigative company. It’s amazing how many companies, both new and old, that are being ripped off by insurance companies as most of these companies do not offer the specific type of insurance required by municipal governing bodies. Through extensive research, we’ve found a company that does just that! On average, Mechanic Group has been able to save USPA roughly $5k per year. Mechanic Group has security specific insurance and they are undoubtably the most affordable and effective insurance company that we’ve found. Check out Mechanic Group today to get a FREE quote and just mention you were referred by to get the hook up!

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