How to choose the best name for your security business

Once you are confident in your ability to get licensed, it is time to choose the name of your proposed company. Name recognition is among the most important concepts in terms of people and prospective clients remembering your company’s name. That’s why we feel that you should refrain from using personal names, such as “Joe’s Security” or Mike’s Investigations”. There are many problems with names such as those as they lack professionalism and will potentially hinder your firm’s true growth possibilities. The name “International Protection Corp” sounds like a company that has been around for many years and has far reaching effects. However, Jimmy’s Guard Agency will not generate the same recognition. Use words such as “International” or “National” but never use an actual governmental region, such as “The New York State Security Agency” as that is illegal. The name New York may be used, but never imply that you are a governmental agency.

Make sure your new business name fits your mission. It’s okay to think small, but only if you’re aiming small. The name of your town will entice local businesses to contact you, but if you’re interested in eventually creating a nationwide presence, the “Fort Worth Security Associates” name will not generate much interest or revenue outside of Fort Worth.

If you are trying to attract business from large corporations and government entities, these entities prefer to do business with firms that they feel are on a similar playing field as they are in terms of presentation, infrastructure and execution. It is important to act and play the part.

So our philosophy when creating a name is to think big and focus on a name that gives you a chance to grow, as well as giving the impression that you are a large, experienced firm. In this industry, as well as most other aspects of life and business, perception is everything, so act and sound like a large, multimillion dollar firm right out of the box (even if you’re still working out of your basement).

When in doubt it is always helpful to do a Google search in different areas to see what other companies are doing. Check out as many different security company names as you can, taking note of the ones that catch your eye, and use this research to come up with the best name for your new firm.

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