Setting Up A Toll Free Number For Your Security Business

Once you have established your name and location, you’ll need to obtain a phone line. We recommend that you utilize an 800 number over a cell phone or personal house phone as it gives a professional and corporate feel to your business. You want to do business with large corporations, so it is important that your firm presents the look and feel of a large company, even if you are still working out of your basement. Remember, sometimes image is everything.

To build on this we also recommend a professional voice greeting for your 800 line, recorded in a studio utilizing a professional speaker. This recording, along with your 800 number, will provide an excellent first impression to potential clients. Never, ever use an answering machine and avoid voicemail greetings that you created yourself as they will never sound as professional as one that is created in a studio. Listen to a Sample by clicking on this link (push control then click your mouse on the Listen to a Sample link) to get an idea of what I am speaking of.

800 numbers can be quite expensive and to add to this expense you will often times need an additional phone line for your fax machine. We have found a very affordable solution that we have been utilizing for our businesses for over 10 years. The name of the company is ConnectMeVoice and they can provide you an 800 number as well as a dedicated fax line for around $30 per month. The system is highly customizable and what I like most about it is that it is not a hard wired system but instead will forward incoming calls to whatever telephone numbers you program into the system (including cell numbers). This allows you to stay mobile by answering calls to your 800 number through your cell phone (clients will not know you are on your cell).

Instead of a fax land line, you are provided a dedicated fax number that will allow you to send and receive faxes directly from your computer. I love the functionality of this and do not at all miss messing around with an expensive and cumbersome fax machine. One of our goals is to keep your business as mobile as possible and this 800 number and fax solution put you in a position where you can basically run your business from anywhere in the world as long as you have your cell phone and your laptop. It is truly an inexpensive, customizable and mobile 800 number and fax solution.

To inquire into this service contact customer service at ConnectMeVoice at 800-743-1208 Ext 3. Let them know that you want the ConnectBiz plan with the toll free phone number and fax line. By mentioning our name ConnectMeVoice will waive the $20 set up fee.


(800) 743-1208 Ext 3

90 Bridge Plaza Drive
Manalapan, NJ 07726

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